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Marketo® and Key Partners Establish the Alliance for ABM Success

Industry consortium to promote account-based marketing adoption, implementation, and success

SAN FRANCISCO, April 24, 2017 – Marketo, Inc., the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, today announced the creation of the Alliance for ABM Success, a consortium of experienced account-based marketing (ABM) leaders who have come together to help companies adopt, implement, and succeed with ABM. In addition to Marketo, other founding members include DigitalPi, Elixiter, LeadMD, Fathom, and Perkuto.

The Alliance was established to study, formulate, and share ABM best practices to advance the market’s understanding of ABM technologies, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and collaboration about ABM success and its influences on revenue teams (sales, marketing, and customer success) globally. The Alliance will draw upon the combined experiences of its members and the projects they have led.

“Companies are eager to implement ABM technologies to drive greater collaboration between sales and marketing and a more focused approach for engaging accounts, but ABM isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, said Mike Telem, vice president, product marketing, Marketo. “We created the Alliance for ABM Success to bring together experts in the field to share their experiences and lessons learned from ABM implementations, and to ultimately enable others to succeed.”

The inaugural meeting will be held this week at the Marketing Nation® Summit in San Francisco. Following the meeting, the Alliance will issue their inaugural best practices framework to the public. For more information about the alliance, visit: http://www.abmsuccess.org or contact getintouch@abmsuccess.org.

About Marketo

Marketo, Inc., offers the leading Engagement Platform that empowers marketers to create lasting relationships and grow revenue. Consistently recognized as the industry’s innovation pioneer, Marketo is the trusted platform for thousands of CMOs thanks to its scalability, reliability, and openness. Marketo is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices around the world, and serves as a strategic partner to large enterprise and fast-growing organizations across a wide variety of industries. To learn more about the Marketo Engagement Platform, LaunchPoint® partner ecosystem, and the vast community that is the Marketing Nation®, visit www.marketo.com.

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Supporting quotes

  • "We are very excited to be part of the Alliance for ABM Success along with all the other thought leaders," said Ryan Vong, president and CEO, DigitalPi. "It's truly a unique position to share and learn from such a deep pool of subject matter experts as we progress this topic forward."
  • "The Alliance offers a wonderful opportunity for marketers to access the education and expertise needed to plan and implement a successful ABM strategy,” said Andrew Hull, president and co-founder, Elixiter. "Elixiter is excited to be among such a talented group of thought leaders and believes the Alliance will have a tremendous impact on marketers' ability to launch and grow successful ABM programs.”
  • "At the Alliance for ABM Success, our goal is to crack the Account Based Marketing nut. The concept of Account Based Marketing has been around for some time—especially on the sales side—and we've been hearing about target lists of accounts for a while now," said Brent Evans, director, nurture marketing, Fathom. The Alliance for ABM Success offers a unique opportunity for marketing teams to learn from leaders in the industry in order to help penetrate those accounts, and for sales and marketing to work together on business goals and objectives."
  • "Account-Based go-to-market strategies are seeing a resurgence in B2B marketing, powered by technology and the need to create valuable interactions with buyers on a hyper-personal level," said Justin Gray, founder and CEO of LeadMD. "Modern marketing and sales leaders are looking to cut through the noise to understand how ABM applies to them and how they can implement AMB methodologies to benefit their organizations. The Alliance for ABM Success has brought together leaders from across the industry to validate the core tenants of this important movement. Our efforts will accelerate the adoption of unified ABM strategies and create a standardization for benchmarking and measurement.”
  • "Account Based Marketing is quickly becoming the best strategy in reaching targeted accounts across multiple channels," said Alexandre Pelletier, chief executive officer and co-founder, Perkuto. "The Allianes for ABM Success is focused on making sales and marketing teams successful, and that falls directly into Perkuto's wheelhouse of providing services that map revenue goals to marketing strategies and execute on initiatives to increase marketing and sales team productivity. We are excited to be part of the Alliance for Success."